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Unparalleled Support

Audio-Visual shouldn't feel intimidating. At the BMO Centre, we pride ourselves on being responsive. A technician will always be on-site for your event to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Unparalleled Adaptability

Connectivity at the BMO Centre goes beyond a single podium. Our centre has been designed from the ground up with adaptability in mind. Whether you need something as simple as a second laptop connection in-room, or as complex as a live an online stream, the majority of our technology can be ready to go in minutes.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

With large drop-down projection screens and vivid 8,000 lumen projectors in every room, the BMO Centre is purposefully outfitted to make sure your learners get the most out of your meeting or conference.


Your Virtual Meeting Hub

A modern meeting goes beyond the people in the room. In addition to our in-room Capacity, the BMO Centre was built from the ground up with modern meeting technology in mind to help you reach your audience, despite their location.


The centre is equipped with 6 remote controlled,wall mounted cameras available to ensure we won't miss a key moment, and two way audio is fully integrated to make sure that remote attendees will feel like they're a key part of the group rather than an afterthought. 

How We Can Help

- LiveStreaming  via YouTube, Facebook or your platform of choice

- Presentation pre-recording for presenters who are unable to attend your event in person

- Event Recording

- Video Conferencing

- Virtual Meetings and collaboration with Zoom, Skype or your preferred platform.

- Teleconference / VOIP

- Remote participation via or Poll Everywhere


Complimentary With Room*

- 3 Ceiling Mounted Data Projectors

- 3 Drop Down Projector Screens

- Complimentary Wireless High Speed Internet Available Throughout

- Podium and Podium Microphone

Audio-Visual Equipment**

- Laptop Computer

- Slide Advancer

- Speaker Timer

- Wireless Handheld Microphones

- Wireless lavalier (Clip On) Microphones

*Additional fees may apply

**Complimentary with all external bookings

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